"The Adventures of Pete and Repeat"



Fo r e w o r d

The Adventures of Pete and Repeat will minister to you and revive your spirit man. This book is full of priceless nuggets via poems, positive statements, empowering thoughts and ideas, scriptures, thought provoking questions, and powerful words of affirmation to develop one’s uniqueness. These treasures will assist you to discover intimacy with our heavenly Father who invites you to receive His loving kindness and provision.


Brenda Wells has blessed the masses with this production and it deserves to be a must-have resource for facilitating, supporting, and reinforcing your journey to that place in your life that God has purposed for you and jump start you towards your destiny. Her book belongs in the hands of everyone, especially young people who are battling daily low self-esteem, peer pressure, bullying, and being taunted by negative thoughts and actions.


Brenda focuses her expertise, good humor, gifts, and talents towards helping others. She desires to be used by God to minister to His people by providing them with this rich companion, The Adventures of Pete and Repeat. It will serve as a source to console, encourage, minister to or address an individual’s personal need to be strengthened and empowered by the Holy Spirit. This God inspired, heartfelt, indispensable tool will help you connect in a non-judgmental way to youth, friends, family, loved ones, and strangers desiring to be free from bondage and in need of your support.


To God be the glory!

—Dr. Jamie Brown

(Retired elementary school principal who worked in the school system for forty years and former Sunday School Superintendent)